Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Late Summer Garden

Well, it has been a while since my last post. The summer garden was disappointing to say the least. It has been so hot here. Typically in the summer it gets to be 90 to 92 degrees during the day. That is indeed pretty hot, but this year we've had many record breaking days of 96 degree heat. The heat index has frequently been 102 to 106.  I just can't work outside much in that kind of heat with all the disease carrying mosquitoes.

I planted a new raised bed. It is constructed of landscaping brick from Lowes. I filled it with old potting soil, compost, Miracle Grow potting soil, and topped it off with Lambert Garden Soil. I was so excited to have a raised bed that I overplanted it with a Galeux D'Eysines pumkin, a Moon and Stars watermelon, a Charentais meon, and Gaucho melon, sweet corn, and oh yeah, a giant sunflower. I know that is a wee bit too much for the space. I couldn't help myself.

With God's help, my garden has grown by leaps and bounds. Amazingly even though it is very hot and humid now, I have had little insect and no disease problems yet. Most of the vines have tiny little flower buds now. I am hoping for some productive bounty soon.