Monday, March 21, 2011

Yard Farm Update

Winter is over and Summer is here. Where did Spring go? It's been in the lower 80s for the last week. My warm weather garden is starting to take off and my winter garden is biting the dust. I have pulled most of the lettuce and kale, but I still have a giant cauliflower that's getting attacked by bugs. I almost pulled the cauliflower, but I did see a tiny flower head in the middle. I will let it have a chance.

The new Earthboxes are finally taking off too. Here is my most advanced box with Brandywine OTV and Goosecreek tomatoes. I am happy with the number of blooms I am seeing and the leaf coverage is way better than I usually get in my normal containers. It amazing to realize how much water these things use though.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Yard Farm 2011

This year I have tried to learn from my failures and successes of the past. I am going to make more of an effort to trellis my vines and secure my tomato supports. I am not finished yet but you get the idea. I copied my trellis idea from the Square Foot Garden Book. I hammered rebar into the ground and slipped electrical conduit over the base. You can see I have a mixture of  two wooden raised beds, a concrete block raised bed, a few large pots, a few medium size cheapo self watering pots, and some earthboxes. Out front I also have a topsy turvy and some trees and bushes planted in the ground. We shall see how it all turns out.