Sunday, September 25, 2011


I planted some popcorn several months ago because it seemed fun. My previous experiments with corn growing were unsuccessful because I didn't plant enough to properly pollinate the ears. For those who don't already know, each of those tiny silk "hairs" is attached to a corn kernel and each one must come in contact with the pollen from the tassels above the plant. You need a lot of corn plants to insure proper pollination. I don't have room for a lot of corn unfortunately.

I planted my popcorn in my earthbox according the earthbox's recommended instructions. This crop also had pollination problems. You can see I probably won't be using these for decorations even though this variety is a lovely pearly blue-gray. The kernels you see were pollinated. The missing kernels were not pollinated.

Now unlike my failed corn crop, this popcorn can still be used. I picked off the dried popcorn and had myself a tasty snack. True this was a lot of trouble for a small amount of popcorn I could have just purchased, but nothing can compare to the experience of growing your own.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pictures Du Jour

My newly planted Earthbox with two banana peppers, romaine lettuce, and some watercress.

Duchesse de Brabrant rose in her tiny pot
My Olive Hill Tomato grows by the day

Monday, September 19, 2011

And the flowers.....

I can't forget to mention the flowers can I? Here's a Purple Chinese Hat:

And the hydrangeas are looking pretty after all summer on the plant. These are the very same blooms I showed in the spring. They last that long.....
And Bermuda's Anna Olivier:

Waiting for the Fall

The days are getting shorter and some of my trees are losing their leaves, but it's still hot both day and night. I can't wait for some "cool" fall weather. Cool is relative for me and I would be happy with temperatures in the 60s, 70s, or 80s. I cleared out one bed leaving the eggplants and bell peppers from the spring planting. I added some red cabbage, beans, and banana peppers.

The giant pumpkin is being a bit coy. It has tons of female blooms that seem to get pollinated, but then they rot off a few days later. I am still hopeful for some fruit set.

Most of my tomatoes are healthy but still dropping flowers with no fruitset.
Red Zebra and Olive Hill are actually making some baby tomatoes in this heat. I will make a note of this because it is hard to find heirlooms that will set fruit this time of year.