Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

It's hard to believe that it's winter in my garden. I have been neglecting the vegetable garden, but I've been working hard feeding and tending my roses. I cleared out a new area to make room for more roses. I don't NEED new roses, but I sure do like them.  It's always a work in progress.
Orchid Romance
Bermuda's Anna Olivier



  1. Those rose look great. I really like Chihuly it has a very interesting coloring.

    By the way your path looks really run. Is the center stone or bricks?

  2. Thanks. Yes, Chihuly is interesting and changes colors depending on the temperature and sun level. It really does remind me of Chihuly glass.

    I used two types of stone pavers. The smaller ones are travertine, I think, and the two larger ones look like sandstone. I used big white egg rocks to edge the path, and then I didn't like the contrast so I painted them with copper spray paint.

  3. Very cool job on the paved path - I'm a big fan of stone. You did excellent work.

  4. I love the path leading into your rose garden! How is the garden going now that we're in the heat of summer?

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